Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle


A classic tower defense game


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In the traditional tower defense game Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle, players place different towers along a road to block various enemies from entering your kingdom. But that's not all, various heroes will aid in your fight for your land.

Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle has a classic game system, learning to play will come very easily for anyone who's played another title in the tower defense genre, such as Kingdom Rush. Earn coins by defeating enemies to build new towers or improve your existing ones. And if you defeat the enemies ahead of time, you'll earn bonus coins.

Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle Has dozens of different levels in four worlds. There's more than half a dozen towers available to defend your kingdom, and each of them can be improved using coins. And don't forget the heroes! Keep leveling up the heroes and they'll help you triumph against your enemies.

Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle is an excellent tower defense game that offers a vast variety of levels, enemies and towers. And, just like the great Kingdom Rush, Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle has great graphics.

Android 4.1 or higher required

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